Our Story

Our story is no different from that of our produce. It started off like a simple bean, evolving slowly, step by step, and over the years, maturing into a one stop shop for cocoa and chocolates; an evolution of over 30 years of experience in farming, procuring, processing, and supplying cocoa beans to an esteemed clientele.

India Cocoa is all about finding the right cocoa beans. Fermenting and drying it to perfection that ensures all products from our beans bring out the best possible flavours. Our source of procurement, we are proud to say, is one of the best in the country – the famed high ranges of Kerala that rest cosily in the grand Western Ghats. Renowned for superior quality crop, the produce from this region has helped us come up with the finest cut of products that have won hearts across the country and globe. We select the choicest of beans from the best of farms, process them at our fermenteries located in four different locales in Kerala, and use the dried beans on an endeavour to create top-quality chocolate. Along the way, we ensure that all quality checks and international standards are strictly adhered to.

We used the last decade to add more value to our beans and created the best of infrastructure, German machines land cutting edge technologies from Netzch and Knobbel etc, proven recipes backed with years of research and trials to create excellent ingredients for our bakers and chocolatiers. We are proud that we are one of the top suppliers of the finest ingredients to chocolate connoisseurs across the country. India Cocoa is possibly the only one group if its kind in the country with the right infrastructure facilities from start to end in the cycle of a cocoa bean.

All this while, we grew not just for ourselves, but also for our farmers, workers and other professionals who work, day and night to ensure your satisfaction. We work closely with the farmer community, ensuring their economic welfare and also continuously educating them about various growing and handling techniques of cocoa.

Looking back, we are proud of the road we’ve come up, while being mindful of the opportunities and tasks before us. Our journey has been sweet and more importantly, consistent. We aim to take the goodness of Indian cocoa to the world by seeking new farming and procuring opportunities within Kerala and outside. We wish to become a complete supplier of cocoa and chocolates by developing new products consistently and thereby becoming the market leader in what we do. We hope to broaden our areas of operations and find new markets for Indian cocoa beans and products across the world in the years to come.

Renny Jacob